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Do good always!

12 February 2014. PJSC " Kyivproekt " a second charity concert under the auspices of People's Artist of Ukraine Oksana Bilozir " one step away from love." The concert was attended by People's Artists of Ukraine Oksana Bilozir , Hope Sestak , Leonid Sandulenko Oleg Martsinkivsky , Honored Artist of Ukraine and Jean Bodnaruk Natalia Shelepnytska .

The purpose of the event was to draw public attention to the issue of the place of "special " children in our society and assist in the implementation of educational and psychological programs for them , and raise funds to support children with Down syndrome , autism, mental retardation and impaired speech. We wanted to inform the public of pedagogical innovations through which "special" children learn together with conventional in kindergartens and schools .

The concert was attended by our graduates - preschoolers with Down syndrome who showed thumbnail sketches based on poems by A. Barto with elements kanisterapiyi ( sobakolikuvannya ).

Also on the scene made an amateur theater " germ ", young artists who - for people with special needs - room rose in applause !

As the guests were invited heads of agencies , public institutions , students university education and psychological guidance. The event took place with the participation of such TV channels as " Inter ", " 1 +1 ", " 112 channel " and other media.

General partner of the event traditionally became JSC " Ukreximbank ".

Official Partner - LLC " Sushija ."

Exclusive partner - " TASS travel " and of " Attica style ."

Also, partners of the event are: "Service uniform legal aid 3222 ", PJSC " Kyivproekt ", JSC " Kyivenergo " Corporation "Obolon ", LLC " Finport cons " Legal News "Omega " Company "Royal Canin " modern veterinary center " Aldenvet . "

The event was held on the eve of Valentine's Day. So , of course, was and giving gifts from patrons : KMBF " Foodbank " Charity Fund Sergey Radonyezhskoho , publishing center "12" , International Educational and Cultural Association and social activist Natalia Yusupova.

A big thank you to all who are not indifferent to organizations for their help in organizing and conducting the concert. More details of our heritage can be seen here




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