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Dear friends!

We sincerely thank you for your help in carrying out complex repairs in the premises of our Center. The groups became warmer, lighter, roomier, more comfortable and more comfortable.

We sincerely thank IWCK (International Women's Club of Kyiv), Andriy Kuzmenko and Svetlana Lebedeva («Patriot Rental»), Don Michael ("World Map"), of the Bar «IMG Partners», Sergei Prokhorov and Tatiana Red'ko (LLC "Electromechanics Ukraine "), Viktor Balogh, Kamalia.       Special thanks to Natalia Yusupova (Vetvitsky), Tatiana Red'ko and Alla Brushnivskoy for systematic help to pay for administrative and business and community services.

Our main partners

Our partners


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Центр слуховой реабилитации АВРОРА

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