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Opening correction and development space "Merry yard"



Correction-Developing space - a new form of corrective work with special children. It combines in itself the conditions for meeting the basic needs of the individual child develops.  "In a healthy body - healthy mind", "If a child is playing, it develops" - these postulates formed the basis for the concept of "Merry yard":

Dynamics of mental development, mental health ҆ya depends primarily on physical health ҆ya. Therefore, classes in the open air, in contact with the ground, water, sunlight, trees positively affect the health ҆ya child.Bridges, ladders, buildings, shelters - all that awakens the imagination of the child and runs inside the engine - the child becomes active. We develop general motor skills, fine motor skills, vestibular system, the interaction of the cerebral hemispheres.Gaming zone "apartment for forest animals", "Forest Hospital", "Forest shop", "Forest School", "House of Baba-Yaga" develop in children imagination, language, thinking, memory ҆yat.Children are the joy and satisfaction, that positive emotions. And in the context of positive emotion dynamics of mental development is much better.

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