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Friends ! Together, let us do a good deed !

Friends ! Together, let us do a good deed !

The case is unusual for unusual children. There are children with special needs - are diagnosed with Down syndrome, with cerebral palsy to autism , with the other features of mental development . Our society does for them is not enough. Yet often in the "do not like all the " closed many doors .


And we, the public organization " in Dityache Dolon " and NGO " Mi - druzі ", and I personally , a child psychologist Valeria Cooks , we want to open the door to them . Doors Ukraine's first children's sanatorium psychological profile . This is the place where harmoniously combined modern educational , rehabilitative and psychological techniques . A place where people can get over the psychological accompaniment , assistance , friendship for families with disabled children , not only in Kiev but also from distant villages and small towns of Ukraine. Believe me, for these children is very important. And we found this place! This forest , meadows , lakes, and a former school building , which is empty for 20 years ! And there is the opportunity to buy the building , and again to return to his children .We need to raise the money - 150 000 UAH. This is an adequate price for the building of 700 square meters. meters. Already there are builders , sponsors overhaul , the team of psychologists , therapists , even the dog , in other words, there are people who are ready to implement the project of the first children's sanatorium in Ukraine. Only need to collect the money and buy the building .Friends, let us all together, the whole world will gather 150,000 hryvnias for a good cause .We believe that we are many , people who are separated from their family budget available amount for children. After all, other people's children do not exist .All of our children !Friends ! Who has the words of the letter found in the response of the soul , who have been willing to give, to do good , to bring to the World of Light and Love , call for more details contact Valerie Kuks - co-founder of the NGO " In Dityache Dolon ," the founder of the NGO " Mi - druzі " head of the Centre psychologists ' I plus family" (mobile 050 684-00-38 , office. 239-22-43 , str . Heroes of Stalingrad, 48a ; www.childspalms.org.ua, www.ya -plus.in.ua)

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