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Everyone is invited to exhibit our paintings.




June 26 at 12 noon in the lobby of the building of Obolonskoy RSA opening exhibition of charity "one step away from love" organized Obolonska RSA, RA "Art Design" and by "in children's hands." At the opening of the exhibition, which aims to draw attention to the fact that children with certain mental characteristics do not differ from other children, the word had a head Obolonskoy RSA VI Antonov, deputy chairman of RSA Sovenko PA, representatives of the Department of Education of Obolon district representatives "Kyivenergo" Head of the NGO "in children's hands," the head of Union of Artists of Ukraine, which is also presented in the exhibition, 46 works by 15 artists, employees of advertising agencies "Art Design", and a fitness center "Aquarium", Partners , trustees and benefactors.The exhibition was attended by known and respected personality: social activist Natalia Vitvitska, opera singer Olga Slepneva, and many other interesting guests.Director of the Centre, which is responsible for the problems of children with Down syndrome, mental retardation, impaired speech and autism Stump VA said kind words Partners and Friends NGO and those who helped organize an exhibition of paintings and give a good start the action. Opening of the exhibition was held in a free, friendly atmosphere. It was excitement, there were sentiments, but the company noisy children who came with their parents just gave a different emphasis to the opening of the exhibition and it was fun and friendly.Organizers of the rally "For a step to love" thank partners and all those who are in such a difficult time shared his warmth and good - the company "Azur" for any paint shop mysteitskomu "Monavi" art store "Art trybut" Obolonska RSA Freight families with children and providing facilities. All artists artists for the exhibition and consent of their robfit and for that took part in the open air-campaigns "one step away from love.Now the exhibition moved to Solomenskoy RSA and will stay there until October 12..Admission is free.Looking forward to see you.


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