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Соrrektion theatre from smallest ones

"Theatre is a special art that will never die" - said the heroine of one of our favorite movie "Moscow does not believe in tears". Yes, the theater is a special, magical, mysterious world. This is the world in which images of your favorite characters come to life; their lives on the stage make us worry, enjoy and empathize. Both adults and children are very fond of going to the theater, if they are accustomed to it from their childhood.

Theatre teaches, makes think, rethink and re-evaluate something; it force anything to rediscover in itself, to get it out of the depths. Actors play on a stage ...
And when you become an actor and play by yourself!? You become a little dwarf from "Snow White", or a Little Red Riding Hood, or an angry wolf, or a good doctorAibolit”...

And you say the words of your characters; try to convey their feelings and characters.
Can you imagine how it is important for children, especially for "special" ones? Playing small "theater scenes" during my speech therapy sessions I see kids who have delays in speech development or do not speak at all transformed; with great desire and joy they repeat tones of tales’ characters by thin or rough or low voice trying to repeat the word, even the phrase; they sing, vocalize and depict. This is a little boy Artyom; he plays a gray wolf (the child almost do not speak); he tries to growl and whine like a wolf scowling brows. It is not a lesson for him, it’s a fairy tale. But a little Annie is a sly fox; she tries to show the habits of a fox, to repeat intonation of voice (the girl just trains to say the first simple phrases).

So, we conduct «theater rehearsal" during each lesson performed in the correction groups of our mini-kindergarten. We make preparation for holidays; learn to perform tales, stories, and theatrical sketches.


In 2010-2011 academic year the group of children with Down syndrome made the New Year's performance for parents and guests. They performed the fairy tale "Repka". By March 21 (Day of the person with Down syndrome) our children prepared "Teremok". Sets and costumes were made with the participation of their parents.

It is a great pleasure for parents to participate in group’s work and holidays, to see their children so happy!

During such lessons speech therapist and leading psychologist working with the group pay attention to the development of speech based on speech features that are already available, as well as form and develop the new ones.

We prepare dialogues for children, learn and repeat pronouncing of words and phrases.
Music plays an important role in our correction work. It helps children to open and develop themselves. We try to use different musical instruments that children learn to play by themselves; these are tambourines, glockenspiels, maracas, pipes, accordions, drums. During the music classes children are taught to sing, dance in pairs.

And I want to note that children visit these classes with great pleasure.

In December 24, 2011 guys prepared a New Year performance “Aibolit” on the fairy tale written by Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky. The performance was dedicated to our friend and supporter Ivan Plachkov. We decided to present only part of the tale, as this work has become more serious for children. This story was not new for them, we worked with it; speech therapists read and performed it both together and with each kid during the lessons on speech development and at individual sessions.

The teachers decided to involve children of 2 and 3 years old (the smallest ones) into this performance together with their mothers. Parents have prepared the costumes and sets. The result exceeded all our expectations; the guys played like real actors during the "première". And even the smallest artists worked out their roles with “excellent” mark. How much fun and joy adults received from this work!

Time has passed and we came back on the stage. The new première was performed in April 11; it was the continuation of “Aibolit”.

The elder friends-actors visited us; audience has "exploded» with applause after their play. Adults have been staying with children for a long time asking questions and admiring with wisdom of kid’s answers.

We are confident that our theater activities will be continued, as it is a huge resource of positive emotions and new knowledge for children with Down syndrome.


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