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Who we are

From the very beginning our first intention was to help children with emotional and behavior problems and their families, but then we recognized that a lot of families who addressed to us faced with children's learning difficulties, such as Down syndrome, autism, developmental delay etc. We defined the really broad niche at the social and educational sphere of Kyiv which hardly ever was filled by some state services and NGOs. None of them suggested early intervention and social adaptation programs for children with DS.

Since 2002 our team has been putting the efforts to developing qualitative professional pedagogical and psychological services for children with learning difficulties (including those which are caused by Down syndrome) and their families.

Now our mission regarding children with special needs is to help each child with learning difficulties, including children of early age, to carry out his or her right for education, family love and social support.

To achieve the named mission we established some main objectives:

  1. to promote ideas of inclusive education for children with DS in Kyiv;

  2. to establish and develop for children with learning difficulties full set of psychological and pedagogical services based on their needs and results of scholar researches;
  3. to develop animal therapy in Ukraine (dog and cat therapy).


Now our team includes:

Yuriy Petrenko - Head of organization

Tatiana Chechko - manager, methodist

Ludmila Korolchuk - manager administrator

Valeria Kuksa - child and family psychologist, chief specialist

Irina Vygonskaya - family psychologist

Margarita Korsinova - a psychologist, art therapist

Irina Abramchuk - child psychologist

Natalia Shcherbakova, speech therapist

Maria Arakelova - child psychologist 

Anna Yatsushko - child psychologist, a physician

Galina Gorihovskaya - musical director, logoritmika

Rita Shargorodskaya - child psychologist

Tatyana Tarasenko - child psychologist

Elena Cherepanova - a child psychologist 

Solodukhina Lubov - a child psychologist 

Natalia Movchan - Perinatal Psychologist

Victoria Borisova - psychologist

Our main partners

Our partners


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