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Speech Therapy (Based on Music Exercises)




Day care group for 5-6 year old children with phonetic and phonemic dysphonia including:

·sound articulation disorders, syllable substitution and inversion at words;
·speech tempo and speech rhythm disorders, stammering,
·speech breath underdevelopment, difficulties with voice regulation;
·aural perception disorder, memory and attention disorder;
·Phonemic perception disorder;
·spatial orientation underdevelopment, volitional attention;
·Voluntary behaviour control difficulties; easy fatigability;
·Motor activities developmental lag, difficulties with emotional state comprehension and incapability to do mimic exercises.
The basic methodology which is applied in this group includes:
·exercises to develop correct sound articulation and speech composition, to develop skills of common phrases use;
·exercises to develop general nonverbal skills: vocal breathing, voice, articulation motor activity; various chants (for example, "sound gymnastics" which means singing vowel sounds with using movements);
·exercises to develop rhythm feeling and tempo feeling, done at first with the use of music material and then with the use of speech materials (exercises are based on clear pronunciation of syllables with the use of consonants);
·games to development of all kinds of attention and memory (motor, visual, audile);
· exercises to develop phonemic perception (at first children are suggested various tasks to differ noise and music sounds, and then speech sounds);
·articulation and mimic exercises, also exercises with psychogymnastics elements
·outdoor games with various didactic tasks (motor skill development, emotional development, volitional control development, vocabulary growth and certain grammar constructions consolidation at children’s speech;
·playing the musical instruments;

Session within the group are conducted by a speech therapist and a music therapist. Each child goes through the program based on his (her) individual needs. The size of the group is not more than 8 participants

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