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FREE OF CHARGE for Special Children


FREE OF CHARGE for Special Children

We invite children with Down syndrome to the remedial group of the minikindergarten “In Children’s Palms”. Stay at the group: Monday, Tuesday, Friday since 9.30 to 13.00

Group is small and cozy, with child-friendly environment full of modern toys and rehabilitation equipment (labyrinth, dry poll etc).

We have a team of highly qualified professional ready to help your children in different ways:

Psychological support

Play therapy

Music therapy

Art therapy


Remedial support:

remedial gymnastics,

Speech therapy

Canistherapy (remedial communication with the dog)

Dolphin therapy (with 50% discount)


Our main partners

Our partners


Vladimir Dozhid-1

Центр слуховой реабилитации АВРОРА

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Kind hearts

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