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Group “With Love in the Heart”

Group “With Love in the Heart”

How the story was starting. Parents of children with different healthy disorders began to refer our centre with request for group services for such children. It made us turned to the idea to start remedial groups for children with special needs.

And that’s why Zhenya became one of our clients. He couldn’t speak, couldn’t look for long time into other people’s eyes, didn’t react at adults and children and he was refused to enter a local community kindergarten.

Now Zhenya attends our group. He has already managed to play with other group mates, has learned how to hold a brush confidently, to paint and to draw in pencils, and look into other children’s eyes. Now the boy attracts the attention only with sounds, but we are sure that he will make further progress together with us.

Sasha came to us from the kindergarten where his parents were told: “He is not our child!. So he became our child. Sasha is a very active boy with beautiful smile. His only peculiarity is wrong speech and lack of communicational skills. Sasha likes a lot to play in the sandpit with other children, he has already learned to share his toys with others and invite them to play with him.

When I saw Vladik at first, his eyes seemed to tell me “I understand everything, but I can’t say anything . And we started to work with him and even to elaborated special methodology for Vladik’s development. Now the boy speaks some words and this is only the beginning of our way.

Flexible forms of therapy (such as art therapy, music therapy, sand therapy, exercises aimed to development of motor activities, bodily orientation, and sensory perception) play the crucial role at work with children.

Exercises aimed to the development of the mayor motor activity favor the development of left sided and right sided orientation, coordination, attention development, emotional tone increase, help to form the ability of plastic self-expression.

Art-therapy includes sessions with use of different techniques such as working with salted pastry, coloured salted pastry, painting in water colours and gouache, making applications (with colour paper, carton, natural materials), water games. For example, at the last session we were painting snow in different colours. Children were amazed of the fact they can use snow not only for making a snow man or playing with snow balls, but also to paint it to all the colours of the rainbow.

Art therapy helps children to relieve emotional tension and develop creative potential. Also it favors the development of minor motor activities, independence, stimulates cognitive activity and emotional development, also teaches how to perform the instructions, helps the team building.

The sessions are being planned according to individual needs of every child who attends the group.

The group works on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday since 9.30 to 11.00. The group working plan includes:

Margarita Korsinova, program supervisor, Master of Arts (in Psychology), psychologist, member of Art-therapy Association

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