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Dog’s Kind Heart Project


Dog’s Kind Heart Project


We all know about the healing power of animals and many of us feel it by themselves: our pets save us from migraine, heart ache and even impaired mood.


As far back as several decades ago, medical science took serious interest in healthy giving abilities of animals. Now gained knowledge in this field are applied more and more actively: treatment by horses (hippo therapy), by dolphins (dolphin therapy) and even by seals became popular. But not so many people know what canine therapy (or remedial cynology) is.



Meanwhile dogs-therapists take regular positions in many hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Sessions with their participation are conducted for people of different age. But first of all dog help is necessary for children who suffer from autism, infantile cerebral paralyses, Down syndrome, hyperactivity and attention deficiency syndrome, posttraumatic disorder, unsociability, and fears.

A cynologyst holds on sessions with the help of a specially trained dog. To work with special children, a dog and it master go through special training and testing. There are limitations for dogs who are allowed to work with children: not all of them are capable to be selected, but really calm animals with stable state of mind, ideal character, and high intellect only.

The therapy program is developed individually: it refers to needs of each child and his (her) age, needs, opportunities, and expected results are taken into account. So in what way are sessions conducted and how is the positive effect gained? For instance, a withdrawn child may be suggested to communicate freely with the dog - to feed it, to comb it, and to walk with it. The dog likes it and rejoices, so it stimulates the child to rejoice and smile.


A child with infantile cerebral palsy can treat the dog as a play partner, for example, in ball game. The child throws a ball (which requires him or her a lot of efforts as the child has to take the ball by weak hands and to apply the power), and the dog looks for and then brings it.




The dog feels (!) where it’s necessary to give a ball back to the child at once or it’s better to wait a little bit and let him (her) think of ways how to ask the partner to return the toy. The effect is amazing: the child reveals both the physical and emotional potential.

There are various ways how to play and work with the dog: it’s possible to overcome with it an obstacle course (it stimulates motor activity development), to give it commands (speech development), to care of it (trust development), to comb it, to dress it (fantasy, emotional and play activity development). And the child can love the dog warmly and gladly. And he (she) can feel the dog’s love and the absolute acceptance with all his (her) physical and mental peculiarities.

Results of canine therapy sessions are just great: care of the dog and games with it help the child to develop minor and major motor activities. The child seeks to move more. Giving the commands correctly and clearly stimulates the speech development. The child can see how the animal obeys him (her) and it helps him (her) to have positive feelings and develop self-confidence. Children who are withdrawn because of emotional traumas seek to communicate with the dog and smile it.

Our organization “In Children’s Palms” together with the Canine Centre of Ministry of Junctures of Ukraine developed the project “Dog’s Hind Heart”. Cynologysts of the named centre selected the dog who is occupied now with professional assistance for children with special needs living in Kyiv. It’s 5month chocolate-coloured Labrador “girl” who already went though the training program to get prepared for work with children. She is kind and cheerful. She wants to serve and help children.

This is the first step of the important way - canine therapy development in Ukraine! For the project implementation we need financial support. For all who can and wants to help us we communicate here the number of the banking account specially established in ProKreditBank. (The staff of the latter one had taken up with joy our request to help children and even collected the first project contribution.)

№26001220005161 at ProCreditBank Closed Corporation.

MFO -320984

ERDPOU code 35199595

Civic Organization “In Children’s Palms”.

Legal address:

Of.90, Geroiv Stalingradu Ave., 43, Kyiv, 04213

We will be glad to accept your assistance. What makes a man happy? The space he (she) creates by his (her) thoughts, feelings, wishes to help to whom who is close and to give real support.

We thank you in advance.

Valeriya Kuksa

Leading children’s psychologist of “I Plus Semya” Center (under “In Children’s Palms” civic organization).



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