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Соrrektion theatre from smallest ones


"Theatre is a special art that will never die" - said the heroine of one of our favorite movie "Moscow does not believe in tears". Yes, the theater is a special, magical, mysterious world. This is the world in which images of your favorite characters come to life; their lives on the stage make us worry, enjoy and empathize. Both adults and children are very fond of going to the theater, if they are accustomed to it from their childhood.

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I invite you to the game


The book "I invite you to the game" (Guidelines for kanistherapy to work with children with Down syndrome of pre-school age) was presented in March 21, 2012. This event took place in the "Wonderful World" (development and entertainment family center) on the following address: 24/10 Malynovskogo Street, Kyiv.

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21st is not a barrier

Kyiv, March 21st: in kindergarten #662 results of a four-year teaching experiment was presented under the slogan "Twenty-first is not a barrier to education of the child." Core of this experiment is model of implementation of inclusive preschool education for children with Down syndrome. Simply saying, it is the inclusion of special children in an environment of healthy peers.

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Happy New Year to all of our friends!


last winter, warmed our children with his hot heart, Ivan Vasilyevich Plachkov, deputy of the Kiev city Council from the block Klitschko, cofounder of "Kolonist" TM and just a good man.


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In 2010 year all of Europe celebrated 200 years since the birth of the great Polish composer Frederic Chopin

Magic music of genius composer inspired Kiev Cigar club together with the studio of jewelry design HARARUK, INTERCONTINENTAL hotel and a representative of "STEINWAY & SONS" company in Ukraine "PIANO HOUSE KOMORA" to conduct on September 26, charitable concert, dedicated to legacy of Frederic Chopin.

Our motives, as it has been said by the president of Kiev Cigar Club, Milan Pajevich, was a tribute to the great composer's creativity and desire to help children in need - the beneficiaries of  Center for Child and Family Psychology "Ya Plus Sim’ia" and public organization “In Child's Palms.

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