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New Year 2016

New Year Holiday as always was a huge number of gifts for CS students "Dolon in Kindergarten". Each child is repeatedly received confirmation of personal significance and the importance of his person for adults and society as a whole. Each child's soul was warmed by the attention, recognition and warmth of our older friends. Like, it seemed only a New Year's gift, but what is important is that you see, hear, appreciate and love !!!



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Family Holiday "Barsuchok" meets the kids!

Dear friends!

We give you a photo report on a family holiday, which took place in September 2015. That's what we were met by resort "Borsuchok"



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"Ukreksimbank" - the best bank and best friend to children with special needs!

Again, already far not the first time, AT "Ukreximbank" has confirmed the reputation of a reliable partner and a generous friend, giving to the Children's Day and the New 2016 annual financial assistance for our Center and gifts kiddies with disabilities. We emphasize AT "Ukreximbank" - the only and exclusive bank systematically supporting and very moving, as if in a fatherly relation to the children of our organization.

Baby Gift - it is always a holiday, this is recognition of the importance of his personality and the desire to do good to him. For "special" as a child to overestimate the importance of this recognition, it seems to me impossible.

After all, when you consider that preschool children with Down syndrome playing in the play with the dog, and try very hard to correctly pronounce the "naughty" words, it becomes clear how important to them and applause, and reward, and the recognition, which gives the viewer an adult. It is something akin to skipping in life, a life where there is a place for such a "special" child.

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New in 2015 we have traditionally met in the circle of good old and new friends.


Despite the difficult situation being experienced by the entire country, and maybe it was "thanks" to her, it seems, people have become kinder, more humane and more united. At this time, gifts for kids who have grown significantly, it was more than ever. We can not fit on one page all the names of companies that provide this year's gifts to our kids, but the names of our friends still publish on the main page:
Mila Orlova, Zhanna Jaremenko, Anatoliy Makarenko, Andrew Dligach Inna Andreishina, Andrey Stepanenko, Vladislav Mikhaylenko, Natalia Mychko, Alla Tretyakov, Alex Shevchuk, Yasya Minochkina, Stanislav Prokopenko, Igor Krill, Alexander Derkach, Artemy Ershov, Hope Storchevaya Valery Dema Elena Artazey Vladimir Starovoit, Artem Arfyan Sergey Tyurin, Natalia Yusupova, Dasha Tregubova Maxim Sabel'nikov Oleg Derevyanko, Vladimir Ivanov.

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Charity Tour "Secret Kiev"

You daily run past these places in the city center, not noticing them. But when you join a native of Kiev the City will slightly open for you its secrets. This tour is a charity. All funds raised will be donated to the NGO "We're Friends" to raise funds to create a children's sanatorium.

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