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family holiday

How to get here?


You can choose between two paths


Track 1 (about 100 km) We must go on the highway Kyiv Chernigiv (metro station "Chernihiv" through Brovary). Once you pass m.Kozelets (it is the right of the highway) after a while you will call with. Copts. We must look carefully to the left. You will see several shops which begins the road to the village Gayova. To get on the road, you need to turn on the track (before dressing WOC, but there is no certainty that it is allowed). That should go further along the road to the left of the road to the village Gayova - Olbyn village - the village badgers. This is the road of 15 kilometers in quality is rather complicated.


Way 2. (a distance of about 120km) must travel from Kyiv Obolon in the direction of the village. And Desna village. Oster. Leaving from Kyiv, one must pass m.Vyshhorod, Kiev HPP, p. Hotyanovka and then through the village to the town. Desna. This military unit should bypass the left (about two kilometers of challenging roads) and keep the course on the settlement. Oster. In the village. Oster should ask the people - shop "Gypsy." It was from this shop go left on the road s.Bilyky. That is, the further you have to travel s.Nabilske - s.Bilyky - s.Zhylyn grinder - s.Tumanska Guta - s.Borsukiv. After s.Tumanskoyi Guti will prehrestya the question where to go next. Will help our own made pointer to s.Borsukiv (look for it on the tree). It was from this place to our children's space is two kilometers, but complicated by the quality of the road.


Dear friends! Think of this journey as unusual adventure and then she will give you pleasant discoveries and memories.


We are waiting for you!


Phone Valerie Stump 050-050-684-00-38



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