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Scientific conference on inclusive education


June 2, 2016 in the Kyiv City Teacher's House hosted scientific conference "Education of children with special educational needs in Kiev: main achievements and challenges". The organizer of the event was scientific center of Inclusive Education Institute of Postgraduate Education Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, who invited the participation of educators, the public, parents of children with special needs from Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. In particular, our kindergarten "Child Development Center" I + family "also participated in this event in the person of Petrenko Y. TM practitioner and Chechko

The aim of the conference was summarizing the results of the implementation of inclusive education in kindergartens and secondary schools in the 2015-2016 academic year, the construction of the development priorities for the next year, familiarization with international practices in this regard.

The program of the conference, participants listened to speeches specialists inclusive educational institutions of Kyiv, Lviv, White Church, Nikopol, Poltava, on matters of education of children with special needs, familiar with local practices in the implementation of inclusive education, addressed the issue of integrated support for children with special needs received information new trends of urban and regional psychological, medical and pedagogical consultations (PMPC) and others.

Very interesting was the performance of invited guest of Jose Muñoz - Representative of TANU, Director and Coordinator of Educational EAP V45 Catalunya, team leader teachers - psychologists. Jose Munoz presented the experience in implementing inclusive education in Spain and presented a grant program that allows teachers to be trained practitioners in his country.

After such events comes the realization that you are not alone in this great cause that big house consists of thousands of small bricks that together we can create a lot, because together we - force!



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