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For step for love



May 19, 2016, the eve of International Children's Day, in the hall of Kiev University. Boris Grinchenko a charity concert "For the step to Love", which covered professionals Regulations "Child Development Center" I + family "students - children with 'special' needs and their parents. The event also visited employees of the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of the Kyiv City Council, the Department of Education Obolon district in Kyiv state administration and other guests - representatives of various non-governmental institutions.

The event was to draw public attention to the issue of the place of "special" children in society, the phenomenon of perception of people in our society and recognition of their right to equality with others.

The festive event was held to mark the opening and early operation of the Centre of the child "I + family", and pupils who started the program, namely correctional theater performance where the children onstage showed the well-known fairy tale "Kolosok" and "Three Pig." Kids creativity and dedication of educators case fascinated the audience! Accompanied kanisterapevty performance - dog breed Labrador Retriever Lina and Mishuta.

Among the invited guests was "naive theater" led by Vitaly Lyuboty actors which - adults with special needs presented the play "Fly chirper."

Also part of the concert, equally important part of the event was the presentation to thank all friends and partners of the Centre of the child "I + family" for contribution to the development of our structure and assist in the preparation of the event.

A nice moment was presentation of gifts from sponsors. All participants received sets for creativity, Books and sweet water.

In general, a charity concert was attended by:

- Representatives of the Department of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of the city. Kyiv;

- Representatives of scientific and methodological center for inclusive education;

- Director of education Obolon district;

- Our partners, sponsors, including Ukreksіmbank, which for years funded the salary of the Centre kanisterapiyi;

- Teachers and students of NUS them. Dragomanov, Kiev University. B.Grinchenko, NMU. Bogomolets;

- Children with special needs - students of the NGO "in children's hands" and their parents;

- "Simple-minded Theater" led by Vitaly Lyuboty;

- Teachers inclusive kindergarten Obolon district groups, students and parents.


Best wishes to each other all said goodbye until next year!)


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