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New Year's Eve and the following winter holidays we met, surrounded by friends

In the photo: a popular leader Hector and Natalia Vetvitskaya (center)

And for that we thank the people of good will who have helped not only to buy Christmas gifts and make a joyful New Year and Christmas, and then escorted to our center, giving us a much needed office equipment, sports rehabilitation equipment and household goods. We are grateful to everyone who was able to financially support the organization and help in buying toys, office supplies, gasoline, equipment ...

Although the vast majority of our patrons and benefactors have tried to stay in the "shadow", we believe that today it is a great thing and believe that "the country should know its heroes":AT "Ukreximbank", Fund Poroshenko, hornets and Alex med.klinika "Іlaya" Irina Panarin and travel agency "Schastja Travel" Anna Abdullah and the agency «Kids Villarge Trust»,, Vladimir Ivanov and KMBF "Fudbenk" Alexander and Sytnik MF "Ukrainian reforms," ​​Sergey Lysenko and OOO "YUROTAT" Alla Brushnivskaya Nicholas Suganyaka Constantine Koptelov Igor Krill, Hope Storchevaya Stepan Gavrysh, Dmitry Vasilyev, Igor Fedorenko, Tatyana Bilyk, Vitaly Chorny, Yuri Poluneyev, Helen Seitz, Yuri Gusev, Yuri Prikhodko, Basil Guoliang, Dmitry Rozenfeld, Paul Ryabikin Oleg Duryagin, Dmitry Spivak, Svetlana Ivanova, Natalia Vetvitskaya, Kamalia, Natalia Goncharenok, Vitaly, who asked to remain anonymous.

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Our partners


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