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Good is always repaid



Each of has the call inside him (her) self to do the good. The degree of our humaneness is defined by our ability to do well, to sow wisdom seed, to give love.
To give love is possible even mentally, though it’s the supreme grade of spirituality.
But it’s starting from the little – from gifting a bit of yourself to another one. It’s like a present for your fellowmen: a warm seat in a tram for an old person or an extra call to your mom, a flower for a girl, a smile for a young man, a toy or tender words for a child. And sometimes it’s just enough to give a wink encouragingly– and everyone –both the old and the young one – will understand you. The main things are attention and soul warmness and it’s very important to give them sincerely. As we all know, the good given by us will once be rewarded handsomely.
But we shouldn’t wait for this “reward”. The Universe will take care of us when we don’t think about it and will return it from another person.
In the physical world the universal energy carriers and exchange medium are coins and paper money. And their key worth is that each person defines by him (her) self how much of such energy he (she) can present to another one: one coin, two coins, three ones, five ones…
Having been collected together in one place, these coins make energy stream which flows to the common energy river. And the river runs and nourishes the whole direction of human activity. In our case it’s the direction of canistherapy – animal therapy with the assistance of the dog – therapist for children with special needs
At the photo you can see one of such “energy streams” – the box for voluntary contributions placed at оne of shopping and leisure center at Obolon district.
We are sincerely thankful to all who made and make their contributions to create this energy stream: first of all, to those who are not ashamed to come up to the box and to show their kindness and openness of their souls by dropping coins to it.
We express our special gratitude to Roman Yemetc, the director of Aladdin shopping mall, who supported the idea and helped us to purchase charity boxes and to create one more such a streamline in Aladdin also.
Dear People, thanks to all of you!


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