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When my friends with me!




We are often visited by our friends: kids stage performance “Mushroom” in May was visited by leaders and partners of the Ukrainian Academy of Healing, led by President Sergey Binat. It should be noted that children immediately felt the friendly atmosphere of the holiday and revealed as true actors, they surpassed themselves.

Our Classes on Canistherapy were visited by representatives of the well-known Indian pharmaceutical company Ananta. Charity works is a long tradition of the company and personally its director Mr. Pradeep Jain.



– our frends – from left-to right: Galina Gorikhovskaya, Viktor Bocharnikov, Nataliya Benzionovich, Sergey Binat, Igor Kolesnikov, Tamara Rebeka, Irina Rebeka with child



Giving their attention to children with special needs, presenting them gifts or providing diligent charity support, our friends get in return threads of invisible blessed light from the children's hearts, kindness of their grateful open views and the warmth of their small grateful hands.

Masha will try to hide Cheburashka toy.

Lina must find and bring the toy back to her.

Representative of the Ananta company Ashok (in the center) at the lesson of Logo Rhythmics with the elements of Canistherapy


Our main partners

Our partners


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