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Dear Ivan! Thank you!!!



The maturity of any society is determined by
its attitude to children, women and old people






Charity means that somebody does good and asks nothing in return.
It is Ivan Plachkov who does it again and again. He is our good friend and partner, our disinterested supporter and defender of our "special" kids.
It makes no sense to list all the regalia and positions of Ivan Plachkov fairly well- known and public person.

But I'm afraid that not many people know about his charitable work.

And despite the fact that Ivan modestly asked not to present his merits, we could not refrain from thanks to this really generous man.

This winter Ivan Plachkov donated more than220 thousand hryvnia for toys, sports and rehabilitation equipment, teaching materials, children's furniture and computers for foster children from inclusive groups of three kindergartens in Obolon.
Thanks to the efforts of Plachkov’s Team it was replaced 32 windows in the Kindergarten № 665 (March – April 2012); this replacement was performed in the premises assigned for providing psychological assistance to the smallest "special" pre-school children.

Dear Ivan,
Take our deepest gratitude and appreciation for your care and kindness.
We greatly appreciate for your nobility, generosity and humanity!
Let your generous gifts will be an example of inheritance for those who decided to devote their time and energy to universal mission.

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