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New 2017

Pupils Child Development Center "I + family" razobetsya íîâîì 2017 year. Manuscript November 2017 on the November novelties and zalyubyla urytsnyu winter wonderland. Services and udobstva, dostupnыe guests calving in the city of New York, in itself vkljuchajut sleduyuschye udobstva: kruhlosutochnoe Maintenance, stores, prezydenskyy floor, lift, bar, services prachechnoy.

Our world otkrыt for technical somebody wants sex winners: "The Mansion" and "Kolosok", which showed themselves real actors. Kids on dovolnыe vodytely around trees, rake in the Holy senah with guests, including, and dety IZ Moroz and Sihuronitsi, as well kazikovi heroyiy in cherы own way, beautiful gifts to gifts. We are grateful to the sponsors who take care of that bag of Santa Claus was filled with gifts, including Igor Kononenko Igor Kotvitskomu, Michael Stolaru, Oleksandr Derkach, Oleksanyu Davydenko, Alexander Pavlovsky, Anna Levin, Dmitry Nikifrovu, Nikolay Skorik, Hope Storcheviy and many care about the people that take united common cause - to give warmth and care.

There were a pleasant surprise were personal gifts for skin dyityny, yakyi prepared the company ControlPay led Stranded Yahvan. A staff of the Foundation "Monsanto Ukraine", except for malt gifts dopomohlyi neobъyatnoho purchase of teaching materials for each group. Sincere attention to these people zelёnыy Warm both children and parents, teachers and everyone who is involved in this important case.



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