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Good is always repaid


Each of has the call inside him (her) self to do the good. The degree of our humaneness is defined by our ability to do well, to sow wisdom seed, to give love.
To give love is possible even mentally, though it’s the supreme grade of spirituality.


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Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate

Brethren of St. Michael's Monastery headed by Dean
Archimandrite Lawrence (Zhivchikom)


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When my friends with me!


We are often visited by our friends: kids stage performance “Mushroom” in May was visited by leaders and partners of the Ukrainian Academy of Healing, led by President Sergey Binat. It should be noted that children immediately felt the friendly atmosphere of the holiday and revealed as true actors, they surpassed themselves.

Our Classes on Canistherapy were visited by representatives of the well-known Indian pharmaceutical company Ananta. Charity works is a long tradition of the company and personally its director Mr. Pradeep Jain.

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Dear Ivan! Thank you!!!

The maturity of any society is determined by
its attitude to children, women and old people





Charity means that somebody does good and asks nothing in return.
It is Ivan Plachkov who does it again and again. He is our good friend and partner, our disinterested supporter and defender of our "special" kids.
It makes no sense to list all the regalia and positions of Ivan Plachkov fairly well- known and public person.

But I'm afraid that not many people know about his charitable work.

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Соrrektion theatre from smallest ones


"Theatre is a special art that will never die" - said the heroine of one of our favorite movie "Moscow does not believe in tears". Yes, the theater is a special, magical, mysterious world. This is the world in which images of your favorite characters come to life; their lives on the stage make us worry, enjoy and empathize. Both adults and children are very fond of going to the theater, if they are accustomed to it from their childhood.

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